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The Nonsensical Rantings of a Gibbering Fool

24 June
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I have an excessive amount of free time, but never spend it doing anything remotely useful, and even when I do have more important things to do, I can often be found using my laptop (reading fanfic, probably).

I lack the necessary motivation to do, well, almost anything. In fact I may very well make a journal entry about that (if I can find the motivation to write it). Don’t expect this journal to be updated very often.

I have a pesky tendency to become obsessed with things for a short amount of time, then lose interest in them. Most commonly my obsession will last a few months, then I will move on to something else. My current obsession in the movie Saw.

I presume you came here wanting to learn a bit about me, and I suppose that makes me obliged to tell you after you sat through all the above.

I am British, but I also have an Australian passport (duel citizenship).
I have two pets: a Tibetan Terrier, and a rabbit.
I currently live in south Wales.

Well, that’s all.