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A little Christmas poem

Just a little something I wrote for Secret Santa on a forum.

Late on a misty Christmas eve,
A jolly old man drags his sack, with a ho and a heave.
With spark of Christmas twinkling in his eye,
He squeezes down the chimney to grab his first mince pie.
Presents he leaves beneath the tree,
Like honey from a happy bee.
His reindeer clatter on the roof,
Their light hooves leaving not a trace of proof.
In the blink of an eye, he is gone,
And the children soon playing with their Pokemon.
His job now done, it’s time to unwind,
But he’ll soon have to start next year’s grind.


Rhydian, again

So I got back from Rhydian's concert a few hours ago.  He was excellent of course.

I was a little disappointed that he didn't sing The Phantom of the Opera, but I can forgive it as he sang Music Of The Night, I'd Do Anything For Love, and so many other awesome songs.

I didn't take my camera in the end.  Mainly because, well, I forgot to.  Shame really, because I had an excellent seat, that would've been perfect for recording it.

Hayley Westenra made a guest appearance.  She and Rhydian sang All I Ask of You together, and she sang one of her own songs too.  Although I've never really listened to any of her music before, I thought she was amazing and worked well with Rhydian. 

Unfortunately the person sitting in front of me was... annoying, to say the least.  She was constantly swaying, fidgeting, and sitting so far forward on her seat that she could practically have fallen off.  I wanted to shout at her to sit back, and sit still.  But I didn’t.

When Rhydian walked through the audience, he came down my row, and some crazy lady, probably old enough to be his mother, practically jumped him.  He seemed slightly bewildered, and missed a couple words of the song, poor guy.  I can only imagine how awkward that must've felt.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it.

Rhydian Roberts

So on the 21st of May, I'm going to see Rhydian at the CIA (that's CIA as in Cardiff International Arena, not Central Intelligence Agency...).

For those of you who don't know who Rhydian is; he was the runner up on the talent competition ‘The X Factor’ in 2007 (despite, undeniably, having a better voice than the over all winner).  Here's a link if you're interested; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSUuOlsEDfU (Had to link to that song, it's my favourite).

I'm a little excited actually.  I've never actually been to a concert before (well, my parents dragged me to a classical concert when I was about nine, but I was nine, so I got bored). 

I hope he sings Phantom of the Opera.

Also, I doubt anyone will actually read this, and thus no one will answer, but I'll ask anyway;  anyone know the general policies on recording equipment in concerts (in the CIA in particular, but in general would be helpful too)?  I know you can find loads of recordings of concerts on youtube, but that doesn't mean it's permitted.

Meat Loaf on House! MEAT LOAF!

Old news is old.

So the episode is like two weeks old now, but I still can't help squeeing at it.  House is awesome.  Meat Loaf is awesome.  Meat Loaf and House combined? OMFG.  I can die happy.

It is, by far, not the most important thing to happen in the episode, but I love it anyway.